The Perfect Blend of Winemaking Excellence and Celebrity Backing: Château Miraval

The famous Perrin family, legends in winemaking, co-own Château Miraval with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Apr. 2020Written by Kyle TrompeterPhotography provided by Château Miraval

green rows of grape vines leading to an estate in the distance
Trees and grape vines sitting atop cascading stone wall terraces
Stone wall with a dated stone inscribed 1821
Left: men harvesting grapes in a vineyard. Right: middle aged man inspects red grapes as they move along a conveyor.
A sheep-herd dog sits in a grass field with sheep looking on from the distance
actor Brad Pitt and winemaker Marc Perrin walking through a vineyard with no foliage
Brick-walled room filled with a large mixing board and other music recording equipment
Group of family members drinking red wine gather around for an outdoor table at a vineyard

Château Miraval occupies a private slice of the world perfect for growing incredible wine. The grounds are located in the ancient village of Correns, which was the first organic village in France.

The vines are planted in these protective stone terraces, and do not use any herbicides, pesticides or chemicals that affect the natural growth of the fruit.

The stone terraces have been around a long time.

All grapes are handpicked and hand-sorted once they have reached their desired maturity. Here is Thibault Boudier, Château Miraval Vineyard and Cellar Manager, selecting the incoming harvest.

Château Miraval is committed to biodynamic farming practices. Using sheep rather than traditional winemaking equipment saves money and reduces the risk of soil erosion.

Around here, Mistral is the boss.

Co-owners Marc Perrin and Brad Pitt walk the vineyard. In addition to serving as winemaker, Perrin is the CEO of Château Miraval and travels the world promoting the wines of the Perrin family.

One of Château Miraval’s previous owners — Jacques Loussier, a French jazz musician — installed a recording studio on the grounds, and the legends who’ve stepped up to the mic include Pink Floyd, Sting, and The Cranberries. In fact, Pink Floyd famously recorded tracks for The Wall album in this studio.

One of the first families you think of when it comes to French wine — the famous Famille Perrin — has a uniquely uncompromised commitment to excellence at every step of the winemaking process, and works together as a family to deliver high-quality wines to the world.

For any student of wine history, the famous Château Miraval vineyard — located in the southern region of France — has long been renowned for far more than merely producing highly rated wines.

Château Miraval is home to one of the most iconic recording studios in music history, and it is currently owned by one of the most famed celebrity couples of all time—Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Not many wineries can lay claim to that kind of pop culture prowess.

The French estate was purchased by Pitt and Jolie in 2008 for nearly $70 million, and the acquisition launched the brand’s popularity into the stratosphere. In the last few years alone, the two has teamed with CEO and Winemaker Marc Perrin to land outstanding reviews from the likes of Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and many more.

However, while celebrity status has certainly left a lasting mark on the brand, the wine itself is deeply routed in a long legacy of best-in-class, innovative winemaking from the Perrin family. Their iconic vineyard, which covers more than 1,200 acres in the heart of Provence, is surrounded by ancient woods, olive trees, and copious amounts of fresh water.

Join us on a tour of what makes Château Miraval one of the finest wineries in the world.

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