From Farm to Flask with MurLarkey Spirits

MurLarkey Spirits is a Virginia-based certified craft distillery that aims to capture the heart and soul of their Irish heritage in every bottle.

Jun. 2020Written by Ethan ColchamiroPhotos provided by Murlarkey

street side view of MurLarkey Distillery brick and mortar facility
room with small-batch stainless steel fermentation tanks and barrels thats used for tours and tastings
a couple receives a private tasting with Head Distiller Kevin Szady next to two small-batch stainless steel fermentation tanks
short copper and tall steel column stills used for distilling alcohol
angled perspective of MurLarkey's copper column still used for distilling alcohol
a snifter of golden whiskey sits atop a wooden barrel labeled Brutality
handwritten signatures from guests cover a wooden wall where distillery tools are stored

The MurLarkey Distillery in Bristow, Virginia.

The distillery hosts tours and tastings throughout the week where visitors can observe the distilling process from start to finish, giving them the opportunity to see the equipment and ingredients, and ask questions of the distilling crew.

Tours of the MurLarkey distillery can often get a personal touch, as this couple experienced, with a private tour and tasting with Kevin Szady, Head Distiller, during their anniversary.

The MurLarkey distillation system, comprised of a 650-gallon pot still, a gin basket, a 4-plate whiskey column, and a 16-plate vodka column.

MurLarkey’s copper whiskey column. MurLarkey’s whiskeys and their vodka have won Golds at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most prestigious competition in the industry.

The MurLarkey aging and infusion barrels. All of MurLarkey’s whiskies are macerated in white oak, using the finest 100% all-natural ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.

Patrons and visitors are encouraged to sign the walls of the distillery. Most of them take MurLarkey up on that offer.

Starting with little more than a 23-gallon copper still and a dream, second generation Irish-American cousins Tom Murray and Mike Larkin saw a growing demand for high-quality, locally sourced spirits.

Joining forces with a small team of family and friends, they began distilling, using Virginia grains and old-world methods to create small batch, artisanal spirits that captures their Irish heritage.

“The way I approach making drinks is that all the spirits are my canvas,” says Master Distiller George “Papi” Zwetkow. “I’m going to create a painting, but it’s going to be in a glass. It’s really an experience.”

the founders of MurLarkey Distillery pose for a photo around a booth table in the distillery

To date, their gluten-free vodka, gluten-free gin and craft whiskies have won dozens of awards, most recently taking Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits competition for their Smokehouse Whiskey.

Join us for a tour of MurLarkey's distillery in Prince William County Virginia to see the magic in the making.

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